Dear all,

As Anarchist Radio Berlin we had the opportunity of talking to the workers of
the self-managed soap factory in Thessaloniki, Greece.
In our interview they tell us about the origins of this factory take-over by
the workers, what this had to do with experiences in Argentina and they
managed to overcome financial problems. Listen to this audio also to know how
to show solidarity, as is threatened by eviction due to a planned
compulsory auction of the premises.

You’ll find the audio (to listen online or download in different sizes) here:

Length: 12:48 min

You can find other English and Spanish language audios here:

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Enjoy! And please feel free to share!

A-Radio Berlin

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with transcriptions and translations from Spanish or German into English as
well as people able to do voice recordings – in order to amplify our
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Soon to Brno and Prague; Ian and Jeriah next week. More on Houellebecq’s Submission (the void of the West). as psychosis, Bellamy’s death drive diagnosis of anarchists. More: illiteracy, resistance to drug efficacy,
recalls, whales beaching, mining dams disasters, VR nausea, nukes and cloning in China. Resistance news, one
(off-air) call.

brilliantFrom The Brilliant

In this episode of the Brilliant, we begin by discussing briefly what made us first call ourselves anarchists: Aragorn! talks about being realistic by demanding the impossible while Bellamy almost mistakes the episode for a therapy session. We then spend a good bit of time on the Paris attacks, an effort which mutates into a discussion about how we frame analyses of distant events. Finally, we use a thoughtful and lengthy critical e-mail from a listener as a point from which to wander through the subjects of revolution, “changing the world”, pessimism versus passivity, and the meaning of joy.

0:44: A new intro by Aragorn!, so you don’t have to keep skipping past the beginning of the show

1:57: Bellamy frames the episode while and A! occupies himself by clicking and making noise in the background;

2:34: A! tells about how he became an anarchist

6:03: B tells about he became an anarchist

8:57: The call of the wild

9:10: A-News does something sweet and nice for a change

11:30: Aftermath of Paris incident

12:50: Reading from the Appelistas’ (anti-state communists) comment on Paris

13:58: Discussion of Paris attacks: humans as neurotic, caged animals; “there’s this thing called History”; people as mutually incomprehensible; the usefulness of an anti-civilization analysis for understanding the event; people performing ideological functions passively vs. actively; “[Civilization:] there’s no way to fight it other than going camping a lot”

29:50: More from the French commies

30:45: Beautiful sentiments; lived communism as something like dual power; rhetoric based on real relationships vs. abstract concepts

34:40: Response to listener e-mail: J’accuse!; the nature of human nature arguments

39:08: Wildness cannot be denied

39:30: chasm on the possibility of revolution; strategy vs. human-scale thinking

42:10: publishing as an indigenous perspective on revolution – “it looks like telling better stories”

45:20: “changing the world” as discrete vs. continuous; pessimism in the context of metaphysic of world as Becoming; anarcho-lexophilia; anarchism, anarchy, anarchist…choose carefully!; metrics of “success”; pessimism vs. passivity

54:45: Anarchy without emphasis; “You’re so fucked up! – Respond!”

57:41: Unmediated joy; joy vs. happiness; Joy is…bro-like?