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(A-Radio) Brazil: The Passe Livre movement in Sao Paulo

January 14, 2016, Author: Infoshop News

Dear all,

The struggle for the right to the city, against the intensification of
exploitation and valorization is complex and diverse. May it be people in
Berlin stopping an eviction, squatting houses in Amsterdam, taking squares in
Greece or fighting for free public transportation in Brazil. A state with a
massive territory, huge cities and as in so many places a classist, racist
and sexist division of labour that expresses itself among other ways through
the public transportation system. As Anarchist Radio Berlin we had the
opportunity to talk with an activist of the Passe Livre movement from Sao
Paulo, Brazil, about their struggle.

You’ll find the audio (to listen online or download in different sizes) here:

Length: 17:04 min

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