• (A-Radio) Brazil: The Passe Livre movement in Sao Paulo

    The struggle for the right to the city, against the intensification of
    exploitation and valorization is complex and diverse. May it be people in
    Berlin stopping an eviction, squatting houses in Amsterdam, taking squares in
    Greece or fighting for free public transportation in Brazil.

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  • Anarchy Radio 11-24-2015

    Soon to Brno and Prague; Ian and Jeriah next week. More on Houellebecq’s Submission (the void of the West).
    350.org as psychosis, Bellamy’s death drive diagnosis of anarchists.

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  • TFSRadio: Paul Z. Simons on the Dispaches from Rojava

    This episode features part two of Bursts conversation Paul Z. Simons on his recent trip to the northern, autonomous regions of Syria known as Rojava. In this conversation Paul shares his experiences of gender, feminism, power distribution and infrastructure in Rojava and his thoughts as a post-left anarchist of experiencing what he’d consider a social revolution.

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